"A battle of the bucks says the Lord"- 08.02.2022

Word of the Lord Given: August 2,2022: 

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, another drug company is set to emerge and challenge one of the largest, a battle of the bucks says the Lord indeed you shall see as you tear each other to nakedness and expose the deepest secrets that have been kept under guard literally shall emerge going in 2023 says the Lord.
This word below is from 3.27.21 --
A wedge shall be driven in the vaccine market and shall create a vacuum a MONEY PIT where they shall lose what they have attempted to wickedly gain, a particular ingredient shall bitterly fall upon them who so planned and produced says the Lord, a molecule has been inverted and it shall backfire. A scarlet letter on companies as fools rushed in to produce what alters My creation and alters the body at molecular levels that so changes its code.