7.29.22- ...Just watch that area for some major events to come forth out of Tampa.

7.29.22 Also, I just heard Tampa watch Tampa, Florida...just watch that area for some major events to come forth out of Tampa.

6.9.22 And says the Spirit of the Lord this day a sudden drop in temperature in the summer, historic says the Lord, these events will run in tandem with the political events in your nation, and the world says the Lord of Hosts, Enormous temperature swings will occur the rest of the year and hurricanes will do things that baffle science and the media as the earth is crying out from the sin and the blood that has been spilled and you shall see the patterns they shall become clear says the Lord of Hosts this day.

8.29.22 During the storm the disciples thought they were sinking, they thought the boat would not make it, they thought they would perish, HOWEVER my Son Jesus Christ was IN THE BOAT, and within your nation is a growing remnant in which MY SON is in the boat during the Storm, and the storm shall not be able to take out and destroy your nation for I the Lord thy God am the one who rebukes the Storm, I am the great I am, I the Lord speak and it is and I the Lord God see the storm, the whirlwind the enemy has attempted, an F5 indeed as he attempts to gain momentum however, the eye is weak, the formings of the storm are corrupt and what gives it its power is weakening says the Lord of Hosts and I the Lord am allowing these things to take place in your nation to bring down wickedness, to expose corruptness in the house of God, to bring down America’s golden calves, the bring down the high places, to stop their flow of Blood, to rectify back past the 1960’s the wicked root that was planted in your nation, that has grown into a vine and has stretched forth its tentacles and attempted to hold on to all KEY areas in your nation, however says the Lord the root has weakened the vine has become dry and brittle, and death is creeping up that vine SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS, the life is leaving it and departing and it shall be split in two so it cannot send resources to the head anymore.



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